Great Side Jobs for Work-at-home Moms


Do stay at home jobs really exist?

Being a Mom is a huge responsibility, but so is making enough money to support your living costs. Fortunately, you’ll be ecstatic to hear you can actually make money from the comfort of your own home, plus be a Mom at the same time!

But what legitimate work-at-home jobs are there for Moms? Here are some of the best jobs for moms with no experience:

Start Your Own Blog

Blogging is a fantastic option because its flexible. You can work on your own schedule, giving you the time necessary to be a great mom. Amazingly the earning potential is unlimited, providing you’re willing to work hard.

Especially in the early stages at least, when you’re trying to establish your blog from the comfort of your own home. So how exactly do you make money from blogging? Through passive income from advertising.

Your earnings will be more significant once enough people are reading your blog, which also creates the potential for affiliate sales. When you start your own blog it’s important to align your expectations with reality. Though you’re unlikely to make much in the first year, patience and perseverance will pay off eventually.

You don’t even need to be an expert writer! To learn more about starting your own blog, be certain to take advantage of the myriad of educational resources online.

Freelance Writer


If you happen to be a good writer, there are many potential goldmines for freelance writing. Just take boss mom Holly Johnson as an example, a self-professed $200k a year freelance writer. With Freelance writing, you’ll conveniently have the opportunity to create your own schedule.

You’ll be able to take your freelance writing endeavors full time, with real potential to earn $40k – $50k per year. Building a stable writing career can be challenging, but once you get the ball rolling you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve.

Take advantage of one of many online writing courses to realize your ambitions, where learning how to become a freelance writer will give you the inspiration needed to earn real money for your efforts. Work-at-home writing is a genuine path to success, but most importantly it will afford you the time to be a mom.


What’s great about becoming a bookkeeper is you won’t necessarily need any prior experience. It is one of the best small business ideas you can do from home, bookkeeping can be executed as a freelancer or by working for a company remotely.

There are many online guides which will inform you on how to become a work-at-home bookkeeper, giving you the opportunity to learn how to reach your financial goals. You can also take a bookkeeper course if you’re interested in taking your career to new heights.

Bookkeepers can typically charge $60 per hour on a freelance basis, but even if you’re working for a company you can charge $15-$16 per hour.

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