5 Successful Start-ups Started by Moms!

There is a new generation of startup entrepreneurs who work equally hard at being the best parent they can be. Many successful momtrepreneurs have risked it all to build their business, but have later been rewarded for their efforts.

What’s great is you can derive ideas based on your personal experiences as a mother, or alternatively tackle something else you’re passionate about. To gain some inspiration for starting your own business, let’s take a look at some of the most successful start-ups started by moms:

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Anne Wojcicki epitomizes the never quit mantra. After facing many adversities early in her career, including being hit with a cease-and-desist in 2013, Anne never gave up on her dream to make personal genomic testing affordable. As a mother, Anne was able to fulfill her ambitions by really putting her head down for two years.

After two years of perseverance, Anne started her new business in 2015, where she developed a new line of genetic testing. Remarkably, her company is now worth more than $1 billion!

Mitu Network

Aspiring to change how Latinos are portrayed in the media, Beatriz Acevedo decided to take matters into her own hands. While raising twins in 2012, Beatriz, alongside her husband, launched Mitu, a content network catering to the rising millennials within the Latino community. The start-up has since birthed everything from comedy sketches to DIY beauty tutorials, which are viewed a whopping 700 times per month!

VMware and Bebop

Diane Green founded VMware during pregnancy, with help from her husband and a few others. Together they were able to accomplish greatness, scaling VMware to incredible heights until 2008. Though Diane originally intended to start the company and later hire a CEO, that never happened. VMware is now a prominent player within mobility, networking & security solutions, an incredible accomplishment given the circumstances under which the company was formed.

Diane also founded a company called Bebop, which was acquired by Google for a staggering $380 million in 2015. Greene is now the senior vice president for the cloud division of the business.


As a parent of two, Jane Park found an incredible desire to learn. She decided to follow her heart and start her own business, which ended up being Julep. This e-commerce powerhouse has since developed 300 non-toxic nail polishes, becoming an incredibly influential figure within the cosmetics industry. Jane named one of the nail polishes Yumi as a tribute to her son, just one in a collection of some incredible beauty products Julep has created.


As a parent, Paula Long established a company called EqualLogic. When she was about to take the company public, Dell entered with a phenomenal offer of $1.4 billion. This incredible figure highlights her success within the tech industry, an achievement which took significant time and effort. Paula now encourages people to work from home, underlining the importance of being there for those all-important moments. After all, once these moments have passed you can never get them back.

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